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Salish Sea Human Foot Mystery

Since August 20th, 2007 several human feet have washed up on the shores of the Salish Sea in British Colombia. These feet were found inside of sneakers and belonged to 5 men, one woman, a few other of unknown sex.

The first foot was discovered on Jedediah Island by a young girl, visiting from Washington. The foot was discovered when the girl, out of curiosity, picked up the shoe and looked inside the sock. The shoe was a size 12 Adidas. Interestingly, this shoe was only produced in India in 2003. As of May 6th, 2014, ten feet have washed ashore in Canada, along with 4 in the US state of Washington. 

When word of this phenomenon hit the public, the most popular rumor was that there was a serial killer on the loose, one that liked to cut off feet. This was swiftly disproved when forensics showed that none of the feet had indications that they had been severed unnaturally. It is more likely that the bodies, already in the water for some time, had decomposed to a point where the foot would be severed on it’s own. This is supported by the fact that the bones in the ankle are incredibly weak.

Many people were also curious as to why feet were washing up instead of heads or other limbs. It is believed that the feet seem to be washing up due to the buoyancy within the sneakers themselves.

So, who do these feet belong to? The theory is that they’ve come from suicide victims. This is supported by the fact that, in 2008, one of the feet was identified using DNA as a man who had gone missing. This man had also been severely depressed. The final theory is that the feet belong to people that jumped from the Pattullo Bridge.

However, without bodies, all we’ll have are theories.


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